Key Personnel

NuEdge has nurtured a talented team of individuals that has allowed us to maintain our integrity, quality, and commitment to every project we undertake.  NuEdge is very fortunate to have such hardworking and dedicated staff. Each person brings their expertise to every area in which they specialize in to make NuEdge the company it is today.


Wayne Bowman - President & CEO


Wayne has spent his whole life around equipment, and in 2005 he turned that love of equipment into a very competitive and ever growing underground company.  His efforts have seen NuEdge become an industry leader in the water and sewer construction, with nearly 100 employees.  Wayne is always striving to take NuEdge to the next level of professionalism and quality.


Cindy Trombley – CFO


Cindy comes to NuEdge in 2013 and brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge from her years of experience working in a prominent accounting firm in Camrose.   Cindy’s role will be to facilitate the day to day financial workings of this ever-growing company.


John Parker - COO & Lead Estimator


John has been with NuEdge since June of 2009 when his company, High Energy Horizontal Directional Drilling was purchased.  John’s role with NuEdge is to facilitate the day to day business.


Randy Cummer – Senior Project Manager


Randy came to NuEdge in April 2012 from Ducks Unlimited, after 25 years as a Senior Design Technologist and Construction Supervisor.  Randy’s new focus at NuEdge will be as a Senior Project Manager and he will be key in managing projects from conception to completion.


Ken Miske  – Project Manager


Ken came to NuEdge in January 2013.  Ken was a well-known business owner in Camrose and his management skills will  be crucial as he plans out projects from launch to conclusion.


Johan Kruithof - Superintendent


Johan has been in the water and sewer industry for 10 years and has been with NuEdge since January of 2007. Johan is our primary PVC project manager handling everything from transmission mains and replacements to new subdivisions. His resume includes some of the most demanding projects NuEdge has completed to date.


Terry Huebner – Project Specialist


Terry has 30 years of experience in the water and sewer industry. He has been with NuEdge since October of 2005, handling estimating, project start up and crew management. Terry’s diverse resume covers everything NuEdge offer's from site works and transmission mains to lagoons and reservoirs.


Jerry VanDerDussen - Project Supervisor


Jerry has been with NuEdge from the beginning in July of 2005 and his tireless efforts have helped make NuEdge what it is today. Jerry’s ability to fill any role he is asked to, makes him an invaluable asset to the company. His abilities to operate equipment, manage crews and see jobs through to completion, has helped propel NuEdge to the forefront as an industry leading company.


Ryan Humphreys: Operations Coordinator and Purchasing Controller


Ryan joined NuEdge in May of 2011 and brings with him a wealth of knowledge (Remove) manages from his years in the oilfield industry.  Ryan also manages all transportation of equipment and materials ensuring the foreman get what they need on time every time.


Wendy Rumsey-Smith: NCSO and HR Manager


Wendy joined NuEdge in August of 2011 and in 2013 completed her NCSO. Like Ryan she also brings with her many years of experience from the oilfield industry. She is now responsible for overseeing an ever expanding workforce and making sure NuEdge remains not only compliant, but exceeds Provincial legislation.


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